This Privacy Policy is to confirm that your information to our Institution is protected taking into account the privacy of every individual’s information.

How you will be contacted?

On submitting the enquiry form or request form you authorize the institute and permit that hereafter you have no objection in receiving mails or messages and even you will be contacted on your contact numbers. Creative Hut institute respects your valuable time and hence the mails and messages send to you will be under control. This information will be a part of our records to specify that you have shared this basic contact details in order to receive information in future from our end.

How your privacy will be protecte?

We understand your right to privacy and hence enforce strict methods to secure your information and avoid the misuse or loss of it by any means. The data entered by you in the form will never be allowed to be shared or sell to any individual person or group, any third party etc…, for whatsoever the purpose is unless a written permission is received from you. However, these data will be made available to our institute counsellor, technical staff and executive for maintaining those data for future reference and for contacting you through emails, phone calls, messages as per your request for information.

What you can do to stop communication with us?

Communication with us is for the betterment of the information you wish to receive time to time from our side. Any time in future if you find that the mails, messages and call received to you from our end or through automated system is unwanted then please report it to us. You can stop receiving such communications by sending a mail back to our official mail-id or whatsapp or by sending your comments or feedbacks to our institute’s contact number +91 85470 44220.

Privacy Policy Changes?

This Privacy Policy was created in May 2019 and is liable to change over time. If you have further questions concerning our safeguards for your privacy, please contact us at or